About This Site
By Shawn M. Stokes
How it all started: This site has been in mind for quite some time. It actually started as care sheets at a pet store. I decided that I was getting tired of people coming into the store that I worked at and asking me questions about certain animals that they were told wrong answers to by other stores. I was raised in a manner that you gave good advise to your customers, as you did depend on them coming back to your store for there needs. I decided to start printing care sheets about the animals that we sold at our store, eventually adding other popular animals in the pet trade. As I did this on my computer I got looking into ways of designing my pages, thus leading to several programs that allowed me to create pages and even link them together so that I could call them up be catagories and print them for interested customers. This allowed people to learn the true facts about the animals that they were planning on purchasing. One should know all about there new family member if they plan on keeping it for as long as its natural life permits.

In time I got working on creating web pages, that is once I got learning html, something that I decided would create a better way to comunicate the information that I gathered together. Now to start with, I was making pages for reptiles and amphibians as this is what the store sold, along with fish. I always found reptiles to be of interest, so this is where I started. I never planned on any of the other creatures until one day a girlfriends daughter asked me if it had to be just reptiles. I told her no, and that same day it started to cover all animals. That was back in 2003, never did I expect it to become what it is today.
Up and Running: In 2006 the website was up and running for the first time on the internet, it started with about 3,000 animals in it, indexed by common names. For the most part this worked, only a couple of animals shared the same names. Each subspecies had its own page. It was grouped by the animal groups, mammala, reptiles, birds, ect. This actually worked quite well, but the only animals that got covered were those that I knew about by there common names. But it was easy for people of all ages to enjoy. So that was the format untill 2012. My health took on a different turn starting in 2009, I was taken to the hospital in a near death emergency. My spleane had a ruptured vein in it from battling cancer for 3 years, I knew nothing about it and did not feel anything different. Due to me having 3 different operations in a 12 day time that I was in the hospital, things did not happen very quickly as I had to learn how to do everything over again. Finances where expensive and the site died.
A New Start: On April 1st I went out and splurged a chunk of cash to buy myself a new laptop computer, and a Canon DSLR camera with lenses as a definate attempt to put my sight back together, everything from the first time was lost for life. I had to start from scratch. This time I decided to do it by the scientific naming way of classifying things. This was to assure that those animals that never got common names would get a page in the site. It was also decided this way since most of the prehistoric creatures would get some credit for there part into all of the creatures that we know about that have ever set foot on Earth can get noticed for there part in life on earth.